Maintenance Day

Site will be a bit spotty today, have to do some maintenance. For those users that registered last week, expecting the address verification that I promised, as you probably noticed, it didn’t work. I think it is fixed now. At least, it worked for me! Things are a bit hectic around my household these days, we are expecting our second daughter any day now, so my time has been diverted to higher priorities! Bear with me, any other bugs or quirks will be worked out. For those already registered, if you log in, you will see blanks for your address. If you fill these in, I’ll send a verification post card (I’m going to probably send these in weekly batches, since it will be a bit cheaper for me) so that you can rate the activities of your representatives and senators by rating the blog post for that activity. As an example, this post has been rated a 4 by me.I’ll then email summaries to the senators and representatives. A “Plogress Report Card”, if you will. If we get enough people using this, perhaps the representatives will be interested in participating, both financially and interactively. Then I can quit considering rss ads to pay the bills!