I need to apologies to my readers/users. I haven’t been managing this site for awhile, as I didn’t think anyone was using it! I hadn’t received an email for months alerting me to new comments. Then, this morning, when I finished switching my email settings over to Outlook from Thunderbird, I recieved hundreds of emails! Nothing against Mozilla Thunderbird, it really is a fine app, and I would recommend it to anyone. I must have made an error in setting up the account somehow.
Anyway, I will now rededicate myself to the site. First step is to weed through all of the comment spam that did manage to make it through. While I must admit that the concept of “unicorn porn” is intriguing, I question the motives of anyone willing to simply give it away. Once I’ve cleaned things up, I will be doing some back-end maintenance/updating. Then I’ll post some more ideas/changes I have in mind.
Apologies again,